Chrome Style Text

Chrome style Text

A simple chrome text.

This tutorial works with select –> load selection. Next to the pent tool, this one serves may uses. We will make text like this. (Example1)


1. Start by creating a new layer. new layer

2. Select the gradient tool gradiant and on your new layer drag the gradient tool over the image.


3. Go Layer –> New Layer new layer grab your rectangular marquee tool rectangular marquee and draw a rectangle somewhere on the new layer.


4. Again, select the gradient tool gradiant and on your new layer drag the gradient tool over the image with your foreground and background colors set to back and white.


5. Go –> Layer –> Duplicate Layer –> Then –>Drag the new layer below the new gradient.


6. Merge the two new layers. Select both layers by linking the layers in the layers pallet.


7. Ctrl+E to merge the two layers.


8. Select the Text Tool text tool and type your text over the merged layers.


9. Go –>Select–>Load Selection.

laod selection

10. While the selection is highlighted, click the merged layers behind your text.

layer behind

11. Now Ctrl+C–>Ctrl+V to cut and paste your selection. Reselect the text layer and delete it. Also select the two merged layers we merged earlier and delete those so the only thing left is the background and our new cutout. It should look like this.
This will leave you with an exact cutout of the two gradients in the shape of the text. Cool huh?


12. Go –> Select –> Load selection again. Go –> Select –> Modify –> Expand by 1 pixel. Select layer new layer and fill with white. If the white layer is over your cutout just drag it behind. It should like like this.


13. Now we are going to make it look a little more realistic. Go –> Filter –> Blur –> Gaussion Blur

14. Go –> Image –> Adjust –> Curves. This you can play around a bit to suit your style. Here are my settings.


15. Now zoom in, add some brushed highlights and inner shadow.

inner shadow

And here is the finished product.


Everyone has a different method. Some more defined and chrome looking than mine. The beauty of photoshop is finding your own skills and build on them.


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