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Email marketing campaigns reach as far as you want.  Identify your target audience and where they’re located.  Once you develop your structure and content, send targeted emails promoting the best responses of your campaign.   Without the need for postal and other mailing constraints, your targeted campaign is only limited by your ability to mark your target audience.

Email marketing is not restricted by traditional time restrictions. Whereas direct mail campaigns rely upon using snail mail, email promotions, says Email Marketing Reports, generate immediate responses. In the time it takes an email to arrive and for a reader to consume the information, you have increased awareness, paved the way for more information and promoted your brand. Send a newsletter, for instance, offering discounts for travel packages. Include a link to your travel site. Customers can instantly respond by requesting more information or by booking a package.
Email marketing isn’t restricted by traditional mail.  Email campaigns generate immediate responses trackable by various resources and online email software.  Send a newsletter, for instance, offering discounts for your products and/or services. Include a link to your sales or promotion page, video or blog post. Customers can instantly respond by requesting more information.

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