jQuery (Must Haves) When Developing a Website

Ok, so this is a short list of my top “must have’s” bits of code that you should use on every site.

These are all sort of basic, but you would be surprised how many times these little bits of code are issues in Stack Overflow

Image Fade In:
This little bit of code will fade in all of your images when the page loads. I think it looks a little more appealing to the eye when they fade in after they load as opposed to slow loading images.

Document Ready:

Don’t forget to wrap functions you want to fire when the page loads with:

Equalize Div’s:
What this does is, if you have multiple sets of divs that stagger because they have different amounts of content. This basically uses math to calculate the height of a specific div and applies that height all div you target.

Example: You’ll see in my portfolio there are multiple divs. This little block of code makes sure they’re all the same height.

jQuery No Conflict:

This little bugger prevent conflicts in jQuery particularly with WordPress and a few other well known content management systems.


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