Photoshop Heat Lightning

Photoshop lightning pen

This tutorial will explain how to make lightning in just a few simple steps using photoshop.

First we’ll start with an ordinary image. (to show how realistic it can look)


1. Start by creating a new layer. Set your color pallet to solid black and solid white.

2. Select the gradient tool gradiant and on your new layer drag the gradient tool over the photo. The angle of the gradient defines the angle of the lighting.


3. Now go Filter –> Render –> Difference Clouds

(remember* we are still on the new layer)


4. Select Ctrl+I to invert, then Ctrl+L to adjust levels. Slide the levels slider all the way to the right. You will end up with this.


Looks like lightning right? Now lets have some fun.

5. Now we will make a few adjustments in the layers pallet. With the same layer selected go to layers and set the blending mode to –> screen.


6. Hit Ctrl+U to adjust Hue/Saturation to a desirable color.

I chose a blue hue to resemble lighting.


7. I added some lighting to the windows in the background to make it look like it was reflecting in the windows.


Download the PSD



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