Pen Tool

Pen Tool

In this tutorial, we’ll explore the Pen Tool. If you’ve never used the pen tool in photoshop, once you run through this tutorial you will find yourself using it for just about every project. A “Must Have” for photoshoppers.


Lets start with a simple image.


1. Select the Pen tool. Right click pen_tool to view the Pen Tool options.

To start, select the “Pen Tool”


2. Now go to your image and roughly start left clicking the outline of the image (it doesn’t have to be perfect, yet..).

It’s almost like connect the dots. Each left click creates another anchor point.(we will get into details later in the tutorial).




3. Once you have connected the outline, the anchor points disappear. (they’re still there just hidden)




4. Now that you have your basic outline, right click on the pen_tool again and select the Add Anchor Point.


This will enable you to add new anchors for detailed editing.




5. Once you select the tool. Zoom in and left click on the rough outline you just created. Hold the left mouse button down. This will allow you to drag the outline or (path) to the exact location you need it. To the left and right, two more options appear. These bars on the outside of your new anchor point allow you to adjust the curve. Example3

*play around with it a little. This may take some practice. Click and drag both the anchor point and the outer curves bars to get the feel of working with the tool.



figure 4

6. While zoomed in, use the Add Anchor Point tool to completely outline the photo you wish to extract.

Note: The further you zoom in the better. This allows nice, tight accuracy. Don’t worry, if you add more anchor points than you want. Just right click the Anchor Point tool again and select Delete Anchor Point to remove unwanted Anchors.


7. Once you feel comfortable that your outlined pen selection is what you want, right click on your image and select Make Selection. This converts the anchor points to a marquee selection.

make selection


8. Just cut paste your first pen selection to a new background and there you go! Your a pro!



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