Race to the Finish Line With a Freelancer?

Why Use a Freelancer?

#1 – I just need to get it done!

Work is piling up, you’re in your busy season, your website is out of date… and you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed!

#2 – My staff is maxed out.

“Do more with less” is an approach that can only work for so long. There are times when your staff or other resources just can’t take on another project, let alone a web project. I can step in, quickly become an extension to your company and help get your website or promotion on track.

#3 – I’m not loving my current web professional.

Hiring a freelancer save you money… and that’s ALWAYS a good thing. When your internal staff or web agency is behind and not communicating with you, it’s time for a direct approach. I bolt my office on to yours by working from your office reducing the amount of emails and lost communication that often occurs.

#4 – I need it done sometime this year!

Working for local B2B companies and as a front end web developer for a web hosting company, I’ve learned to adapt to a fast paced environment and I can deliver custom web in a fraction of the time offered by larger web companies.

#5 – “Someday” isn’t in my vocabulary!

I take great pride in my craft and when I’m working for my clients. My goal is to see my clients “win.” When the client wins, I win and reflects in my portfolio.

#6 – I want my own web developer, but I don’t have the budget.

I have worked with clients who have had this intention, and then realized it was just easier and more cost-effective to outsource their web projects.

#7 – We currently have a web agency we use, but they aren’t up to date.

The web is an ever evolving medium. Every week it seems, there is a new piece of technology or framework that keeps your website looking professional and up to date. This is important because your website is a direct reflection of your brand and you have on average of 30 seconds to make an impression or by by customer…

#8 – I need someone who can code and think strategically.

Many coders can develop a project, just as requested. That’s fin and it may work for some applications but I add a strategic element, meaning I ask probing questions in the discovery phase of your project and offer suggestions for taking what you thought was a good idea and making it into an even better one.

#9 – I don’t want to hold someone’s hand.

I am used to taking a project and running with it, from beginning to end. That means I can do a lot more than just coding — I can set up your hosting, purchase domain names, set up various CMS platforms, run PPC campaigns, Photoshop logo’s and print pieces, create Youtube videos, set up ecommerce products, shipping modules, manage hits and click tracking, run split test to ensure you’re content is getting the conversions you deserve. And fast…

Reason enough?

Would you like more information? Call Denny at 330.620.8199.


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Specializing in HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, WordPress, Expression Engine, SEO Strategies and Responsive Web Development, I build intuitive webs that demand results.
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